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100% subsidiary of Sutures India

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At Truskin, your ideas are valued, your co-workers are keen and bright, and your work is fundamental to the economy of the country. When a workplace gives more importance to ideas rather than monotony, you know it can make a significant impact on you.

Truskin also plays an integral role in planning and managing sophisticated financial-system computer networks. So we're always on the look-out for accomplished professionals to join our Sales and Marketing, Quality, Production and other teams.

Truskin fosters an environment of opportunity. With our emphasis on research, continuous learning, and job rotation, employees can learn, grow, and achieve their full career potential.

Professional Development

We believe that Truskin and our staff both benefit from continuous learning. That's why we're committed to helping you broaden your skills. Opportunities for continuous learning include on-the-job training, assignments, mentoring, reading, project work, self-directed learning, and seminars.